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The fastest way to develop healthcare services by offering an individualized care pathway between patients and healthcare professionals.


Our innovative solutions

Accelerate your Go-To-Market

EarlyCare is a solution for activating new patients while saving HCPs time.

Health low-code platform

Bloom Health is a LowCode SaaS platform dedicated to healthcare applications.

Accélérez votre Go To Market

EarlyCare est une solution qui permet d’activer de nouveaux patients tout en faisant gagner du temps aux HCPs.

Plateforme de low-code santé

Bloom Health est une plateforme SaaS de LowCode dédiée aux applications de Santé.

With EarlyCare, accelerate your Go-To-Market and go beyond general information by initiating an individualized care pathway as early as possible.

Offer solutions that simplify access to care 
and reassure patients.

What is your main need ?

What is your main need ?

Health low-code platform

With Bloom Health, you can implement healthcare applications quickly and easily.

Bloom Health is the result of over 10 years of R&D, and provides you with a platform to offer innovative services to patients and HCPs, offering turnkey business modules that meet the requirements of digital medical devices.

Who do you want to target with your digital solutions?

Why iRevolution?

Choosing iRevolution means opting for a dynamic and innovative collaboration. With our in-depth expertise in the healthcare sector, we offer you tailor-made solutions.

Expertise santé

Health expertise

Solid expertise in healthcare, with a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Rapidité d’implémentation

Rapid implementation

Low-code platforms for fast, efficient deployment.

Architecture dédiée

Dedicated architecture

An infrastructure designed for healthcare, enabling you to address your healthcare applications with unlimited scalability.

Sécurité _ 
Conformité santé

Safety / Health compliance

A platform aligned with the highest Cybersecurity standards, and complying with EU and local requirements (ANS, …) for Digital Medical Devices.

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HR Global Analytics & SWP Head at Sanofi