Accelerate your Go-To-Market,
activate new patients and save 
time for HCPs.


A new approach

Traditional approach

Provide content for patients and healthcare professionals (education, testimonials, practical guides, etc.) relayed by various media and costly marketing campaigns.


Advanced healthcare approach

Go beyond general training by initiating an individualized care pathway.

The scope of Early Care

We aim to improve awareness among patients and healthcare professionals, speed up patient care and optimize medical referrals, while facilitating communication between healthcare professionals thanks to our innovative solutions.

What is your main need?

developed in collaboration
with leading disease experts

A questionnaire ranging from the simplest to the most comprehensive (sometimes more than 100 questions), ergonomically designed (developed with the help of patient associations) and filled in independently, provides a detailed understanding of the patient.


Thanks to an artificial intelligence engine and an expert system,
the data is analyzed and the patient's phenotype
established: the screening result, suitability for treatment
and disease risk analysis are immediately calculated.

An efficient,
individualized course

Depending on the case, a tailored healthcare pathway is
recommended to help you find your way around and
consult the right healthcare professional at the right time.

A patient file
for HCPs

A patient file adapted to the disease is easy to understand for
both expert and non-expert professionals, and saves a great
deal of time during consultations.

The benefits

of Early Care

EarlyCare offers a unique opportunity to be recognized as an essential leader in the healthcare field, encouraging engagement through action while creating significant value for patients.

The science behind our solutions

Discover the latest news, all rooted in the latest scientific advances
in healthcare.

Taking charge of your condition: a necessity for several reasons

Taking charge of your condition: a necessity for several reasons

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