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healthcare platform

Offer a personalized care pathway between patients and healthcare professionals, and considerably accelerate the time-to-market for your new products.


Our innovative solutions

Bloom Health modules meet interoperability and safety requirements for medical devices, with digital functionalities in line with European Union standards and local specifications.


Who do you want to target with your digital solutions?

National Health Identity (INS)

The National Health Identity ensures the creation, management and quality of identities in a healthcare context, by providing a single source of truth, duplicate- and error-free identity creation, identity reconciliation, and data quality for reliable use.

HCP access
(Pro Santé Connect)

HCP (Pro Santé Connect) access offers a standardized
connection via Pro Santé Connect (PSC) for seamless
integration with the healthcare directory.
Simplify access to healthcare professionals!

Health system interface

Exchange system compatible with HL7/FHIR healthcare exchange
standards and IHE open market interoperability standards.


We are fully compliant with all GDPR requirements,
the right to be forgotten, file closure requests, consent and delegation.


An application responsible for tracking and reconstructing a
clear history of events across all modules,
as well as interactions between them.
Each event records details of the user,
application or device involved, as well as
contextual information about the event itself,
with precise date and time.


All infrastructure and software is built and configured to
guarantee a high level of availability, resilience
and fault tolerance.

We have built an HDS infrastructure that
we make available to you in SaaS mode.
Our platform is hosted on certified servers,
integrating our DevOps and DesSecOps solutions.


We are committed to meeting the highest standards in e-health,
with regular internal and external penetration testing.

These tests ensure that our systems are constantly
evaluated and strengthened to protect your data
effectively and reliably.

Health & safety certification

Health certification

Our platform architecture is ISO 13485 ready certified, covering the crucial areas of security, traceability and auditability, data management, GDPR, deployment and DevOps compliance ensuring a complete software lifecycle from design to deployment.


The DevSecOps approach is adopted to ensure security at all layers. Continuous analysis tools and manual checklists are implemented to ensure the security of new code and code under development.

SaaS tools are used to ensure best practice adoption and infrastructure compliance.

The science behind our solutions

Discover the latest news, all rooted in the latest scientific advances
in healthcare.

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